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Corn field

For me, dry corn fields seem to epitomize winter. They have that resigned, tired look, like most of nature; waiting for spring. It was one of those typical wintry days with high, yet heavy clouds that make everything a little warmer, although the wind tugged obnoxiously at my coat. I walked through rows of dried corn, listening and feeling their rustling blades. As I looked down this row, I noticed a cottonwood tree in the horizon, standing watch over the fields. It’s dark, strong figure at the end of the field seemed to console the tired rows of standing corn.

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  1. Infinite Monkeys
    December 7, 2009 at 9:43 pm

    Now this one I like.

    All of that corn is all one color anyway… Black and White makes it more interesting. I used to love playing in the corn rows when I was little. It felt like a jungle. Something magical seemed to happen when I would get my Willow-stick sword and venture into those stalks that were twice my height. Even though it makes me itch I still love to walk through a field of corn stalks.

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